Much of what’s broken in healthcare is due to lack of connectivity, with too many faxes, data trapped in silos, and little visibility across settings. As healthcare moves to the internet, that all begins to change. Get a view of athenahealth’s nationwide network effect in action by exploring the data:

  • See what’s flowing on the network. To get a clearer sense of how healthcare data gets from point A to point B, explore under the hood of the nation’s largest connected network.
  • Watch the march or progress. Medical practices represent the final domain of the fax machine. Watch the slow but steady, extinction of paper as healthcare has gone digital.
  • How connected is your neighborhood? As athenahealth’s network grows, we are connecting practices and facilities everywhere. Drill down to a street-level view to see who is connected near you.

athenaInsight is a daily news hub reporting from the heart of the healthcare internet – with access to near-real-time data on the behaviors of providers and patients as they move across athenahealth’s nationwide network. Check it out: